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We specialise in automated identification solutions, measurement systems and control systems , with over 3,000 units installed globally in production and processing lines at our clients’ industrial facilities. In addition to our machine vision camera, we build systems using the software and hardware manufactured by Cognex, global leader in machine vision.

Improve competitiveness with smart automation:

  • Smart automation increases productivity. Production line output increases by 1% – 4%.
  • Production capacity grows. You can manufacture products using the optimal dimensions, production rate and material consumption.

“We were able to increase product width by 10cm while the line’s throughput capacity improved by 10%.”

  • Production line capacity utilisation rate increases. Measurement systems, control systems and identification solutions operate reliably. Data collection and analytics software react fast to production incidents.
  • End-product quality improves. Measurement and control systems carefully guide the material along the production line. Automated quality control detects and removes undesirable material from the production line.
  • Cost-effective investment. Smart automation replaces several traditional solutions.
  • Intelligent machines make employees’ work easier. For example, machine automation helps with tasks requiring precision.

7 reasons to select Vision as your partner in smart automation:

  • Partnership. We provide you with the latest smart automation technologies and our specialists’ expertise. We work in sync with you ensuring seamless collaboration.
  • Solution-oriented approach. We listen to you to understand your specific needs and solve your challenges using a flexible and proactive mind-set. In addition, we tailor solutions to your requirements.
  • Specialist expertise on challenging industrial environments. We deliver automation solutions protected with high-quality protective casing against dust, grime, humidity and extreme temperatures.
  • Technologies. Machine vision, optical sensors, automation, pneumatics and servo technology, robotics, hyperspectral imaging, optics and lighting.
  • Extensive industry knowledge. Paper and bioproduct industries, metal and steel industries, tyre industry and other manufacturing industries.
  • Fast and efficient maintenance service. Read more about our deployment and maintenance services.
  • High-quality partner products. Cognexin barcode readers and machine vision solutions, Astech distance, velocity and length sensors, EGE special sensors for automation, RIEGLin laser, distance, level and speed sensors, RYECOn defect, code and stripe marking, edge crack and break detection. Read success stories.



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