Manufacturing quality control systems

Smart quality control systems based on 3D measurement are ideal for quality and flow control of parts and continuous processes. In addition to VISI 3D Profiler and VISI DMS systems, we also design and implement client-specific solutions to production lines.

Technologies: Machine vision, optical sensors, automation, hydraulics and servo technology, robotics, hyperspectral imaging, optics and lighting.

VISI 3D Profiler

VISI 3D Profiler measurement system is an ideal solution for precise dimension measurement and quality control during sheet- and strip-type material production and processing. Production line can be fitted with a single- or double-sided measurement system.

Advantages of quality control system:

  • Increases productivity up to 2%
  • Easy-to-use user interface: measurement results, trends, statistics and alarms
  • Optimises material consumption


VISI DMS diameter measurement system is an effective turnkey solution for quality control and production optimisation in core, tube and bar production lines.

Advantages of quality control system:

  • One-sided diameter measurement
  • Extremely high precision
  • Easy to operate
  • Product register
  • Low maintenance